About the Artist

David Master, an award winning artist with a BFA and an MBA, has a diverse background in the arts, social services, and business. Just like his multi-faceted interests, his artistic styles vary greatly, ranging from surreal narratives to abstract figures.

David Master SculptingHe has been interested in art from a young age, selling his first sculpture at just 11 years old. While he enjoys working in a variety of 2-dimensional media, including drawing and painting, he has always been drawn towards the complexities and challenges of creating 3-dimensional artwork.  He has a true passion for creating new things and for pushing the envelope with his artistic endeavors, having created hundreds of drawings and paintings and over 1000 sculptures (and counting).

The intensity and dynamism of much of his work come from an appreciation for baroque art, while a strong influence of African art guide the flowing forms and interacting shapes of many of his sculptural creations. His intention is not to tell you a story with his narrative artwork, but rather to give you, the viewer, a starting point to tell your own story.

He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, Elana.

A small selection of his artwork can be seen below, and his sculptural ketubahs/ketubot can be seen by clicking here.
Off the Wall sculpture by David MasterPoseidon sculpture by David Master Blaze sculpture by David MasterMedusa sculpture by David MasterRings sculpture by David MasterRuth painting by David MasterPrometheus sculpture by David Master  Nomads at Home sculpture by David MasterChopstick Carving by David MasterFabric Study painting by David MasterThe Violinist sculpture by David MasterMedusa sculpture by David Master