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Timeless Ketubah® Gallery

Click on the boxes below to view each ketubah collection:

Signature Wood Collection

Butterfly Window Ketubah -- Timeless Ket

The Signature Wood Collection includes ketubah designs made solely with beautifully finished wood.  Its elegant designs incorporate a variety of wood types, including walnut, cherry, maple, and more.  Each fully personalized ketubah text is laser-engraved directly into the wood.  These designs don’t require a frame and arrive ready to hang on the wall.

Ketubahs / ketubot in this collection range from about $500 - $1,500.

Deluxe Sculptural Collection

The Deluxe Sculptural Collection includes ketubah designs that incorporate three-dimensional elements.   For couples looking for a ketubah that can truly hold the weight of its many dimensions, this collection includes a variety of styles and material options.  These designs are free-standing and don’t require a frame.  With this collection, the possibilities are endless.

Ketubahs / ketubot in this collection start at approximately $2,000.

IMG_0563 b.jpg

Interested in additional designs? 

Read about our customization options here.

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