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What is a Ketubah?

14th century ketubah

A ketubah is a traditional Jewish wedding contract dating back to almost 2,500 years ago.  Although these early ketubot/ketubahs were quite simple in appearance, the concept behind them was considerably ahead of its time.  The ketubah granted wives financial and physical protection in the event of divorce or husband’s death, and stressed the importance of respect and responsibility as a central principle when taking the oath of marriage.  The wedding tradition of the ketubah changed slightly over time until becoming more standardized about 2,000 years ago.  While there were still some changes over the centuries, today’s modern orthodox Aramaic text very closely resembles this same document. 

Having a ketubah serves not only as a strong link between you and your partner, but also between you and a rich cultural heritage.

For centuries, these ketubot have been beautifully illustrated, with the intention of proudly displaying them in married couples’ homes.  According to the rabbinic principle of hiddur mitzvah, when a physical object is needed to fulfill a commandment, the object should be made as beautiful as possible. At Timeless Ketubah, we have taken this concept to the next level, allowing you to display your ketubah in a unique way that has never been attempted before – through the art of sculpture.

Experience a truly unique addition for your wedding day,

and a beautiful reminder of your love for the rest of your lives.

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