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 Each Timeless Ketubah® text option may be customized to fit your personal preference.

Please note that after you make a purchase, we will personally work with you to ensure that you are 100% happy with your choice before the ink ever touches the paper.


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Conservative with Lieberman Clause

The original ketubah text with a significant modern addition - Connecting with the past while preserving gender equality

Secular Humanistic

An expression of the love and respect we have for each other - 

Approved by the Association of Humanistic Rabbis & Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews

Traditional Spiritual

An interpretation of the traditional text, but with an inclusive soulful touch

Spiritual Egalitarian

A soulful inclusive text - A devotional meditation: Creating our home together


A kaleidoscopic symphony of our love - For a faith that has no bounds

Same-Sex Couples

A description of the many options available - For a love as unique as every other

"Our Promise" text option

An expression of the our love and respect for each other - Non-traditional concise, no Hebrew dates or religious mention

Anniversary Options

For a love that transcends time and space

Traditional Aramaic 

The original ketubah text used for over 2,000 years - Connecting you to your ancestral roots


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