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Rooted Together is a natural expression of two deeply rooted souls becoming one, as they begin to build their new life. With over a thousand unique handmade leaves, it is a strong yet delicate piece connecting to the various levels of your deep relationship.


Unlike any other ketubah, this model has the text engraved on the other side of the artwork, allowing you to proudly display it at your wedding and in your home, while allowing room for a more intimate and private text.  This model is constructed with a maple wood ply backing and a carefully applied oak stained trim.  It sits atop a piece of beautifully cut caesarstone quartz. 


11 ¾" (length)  x  4 ⅛" (width)  x  16" (height)


Approximately 10 lbs.

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Rooted Together

Timeless Ketubah®

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