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Why a Sculptural Ketubah? [Part II]

Why a Sculptural Ketubah? Part 2 - Timeless Ketubah

"Wait, where did we put our ketubah???"

I've come across this many times with married couples who don't know where their ketubah is anymore. It's funny how certain aspects of our wedding day can take on so much importance during the planning process, yet just a few years later they’re pushed to the back of the physical and metaphorical closet. For some couples, the ketubah is seen merely as a legal document to be signed and filed away like many others. However, if you’re one of the many couples who see the ketubah as more than just a legal formality – as a ceremonial object emblematic of a momentous occasion in your life, representing the love and commitment you have for your soulmate – then it should be displayed proudly and certainly not be displaced.

Sculpture has real presence. There's no fear of its being rolled up and forgotten about in the back of a closet. There are unfortunately too many things in life that fit into this dispensable category. A symbol of your love should not have this property. It should be permanent and solid, as a ketubah should be.


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