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Why a Sculptural Ketubah [Part I]

Why a sculptural ketubah?  Part 1 - Timeless Ketubah

The most important things in life consist of multiple dimensions, spanning both time and space.

How many dimensions does a ketubah consist of? one dimension? two dimensions? three? four? The ketubah text and the rituals that surround it have spanned both time and space. It has existed across multiple millennia and throughout countless countries. The ketubah's rich traditions have woven through generations, connecting the fabric of space and time into a wonderful tapestry.

In this way, I see the ketubah as a 4-dimensional object.

And how many dimensions does a sculpture have? Most people would answer that sculptures are three-dimensional. However, I have always seen sculptures as four-dimensional objects. They not only exist in space, but also change through time. There are limitless perspectives, viewpoints, and angles from which one can view a sculpture. As you move around a sculpture, it changes. No view is exactly identical. This allows an incredible thing to happen - as you move within space over time, not only does your experience of the sculpture change, but the sculpture itself changes.

The ketubah text, with its rich history, deserves its own 'home' that can hold the weight of its many dimensions.


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