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The Most Unique Ketubah Yet!

A work of Art and Soul

Have you spent unending hours researching ketubahs?

With so many choices out there, how do I know I'm getting something truly unique; Something timeless that won't lose its appeal once the trend has gone; A work of art and soul?

The process of a Timeless Ketubah

Timeless Ketubah is the world's first sculptural ketubah! Born from an idea to take something traditional and refresh it with a new soul.

As David and I prepared for our wedding just two years ago, we were in your shoes. We wanted to hold on to our Jewish roots and our heritage, but at the same time make it our own. We looked at other ketubahs online but found that none of them piqued our interest as we had hoped.

From there David got into the studio, spending weeks sketching ideas. Once his vision was complete, he worked for months carving and modeling into clay what became the world's first sculptural ketubah.

I was in awe and I fell in love all over again.

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