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Wood Engraved Ketubah Text

We have exciting news to share – we now offer wood engraved ketubah texts! These ketubahs/ketubot are laser engraved on beautifully finished hardwood, adding another level of uniqueness, quality, and thought into your ketubah and to your Jewish wedding as a whole. We work with you to choose the perfect layout and type of wood for your engraved ketubah, and provide you with the right type of pen for a smooth and fast-drying signing experience. An example of these wood engraved ketubahs can be found on one of our newer samples, ‘Winter Vows’.

Wood engraved Timeless Ketubah text

This is the first of many wood engraved ketubahs we will be offering. Want to be one of the first to know about new wood engraved options? Fill out the form on our contact page here and we'll contact you with updates.

Engraved Timeless Ketubah text - wood options

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